Gazetteer – 03a0306 – Orcs


The particulars of Borkogal’s curse on the Auspicium tribe of humans that created the orcs are detailed in the history of Ranek presented in another chapter of this book.

In practice, orcs are similar to their origins in Tolkien.  The dark lord of these orcs, however, is Pazuzu, a demon lord who gained his power when Chaos reentered the world as the Beast.  Pazuzu’s ability to fly prevented the orcs’ downfall when the flooding of Oklos occurred.  Pazuzu flew many of his followers to the northern most peek of the Ariedes mountain range which remained above the flood line.  There he built a stronghold called Arie and waited for Oklos to rescue the lands from the oceans.  The orcs call Pazuzu the Darkwing Lord.

From there, the orcs have spent the last millennium battling the Old Grable Kingdoms to the east and the elves of Amont to the west.  Their tribes dominate the lands called Gasp except for Fin Country which is home to the landshark called bullettes.  Bullettes formed when the flood waters subsided leaving countless chaotic water creatures gasping for air like fish squirming on a dry dock.  The bullettes were strong enough to tunnel into the earth and chaotic enough to form lungs instead of gills to save themselves.  The carcasses of the rest of the dead water creatures were dumped by Oklos into the sea rift known as Titan’s Trench.

Bullettes behave much like sharks and will swarm to the rhythmic sounds of creatures marching on their badlands.  Great orc warriors will sometimes enter Fin Country to prove their greatness and slay a bullette.  They then wear the powerful armor that can be made from bullette skin as a sign of strength and pride.  Other orcs will cower to the will of such powerful warlords.

Orcs look at children as weaklings, but stop short of killing them because in time they will be the tribes reinforcements.  Orc mothers poke and prod their children with fish bones to make them tough and antisocial in a form of controlled child abuse.  Any mother caught coddling their young will be severely beaten.

Sometimes orcs and humans mate – usually by force.  When half-orcs result, these creatures do not automatically suffer the curse of the orcs.  When attaining adulthood, the half-orc has the right to embrace chaos or leave it.  If they choose the latter they are killed by their orc tribes.  Some are able to flee, but most are butchered.  If a half-orc grows up in human society, the likelihood of this latter choice is much more likely.

Orcs are predominantly found in Gasp, but due to their roots as the bird-loving Auspiciums, orcs revere dragons and can be found in their service in the mountains of Sagany and the lands near Tanvarpov in the east.

Half-orcs who do not embrace chaos tend to distance themselves from their orc brethren both in attitude and location and half-orcs can be found on the kingdoms on the edge of Oklos and beyond.  These half-orcs do not call themselves half-orcs instead preferring to call themselves “ruddies.”

Half-orcs who embrace chaos can become powerful warriors and are often invited to the Arie to meet the Darkwing Lord.  There they go through a transformation making them larger, stronger, and smarter than their orc brethren.  These half-orcs are called “piru” and other orcs respect and fear them.