Gazetteer – 03a0305 – Ogres


The race of ogres began as humans with giant rune foltutes. The hunger they possessed was legendary. Huge banquets would barely sate them. They needed wealth because they needed food. Those of means could live out their lives as gluttons and those without would turn to thievery or worse. Most of these poor “ogres” would get caught, tried for their crimes, and lose appendages at best or their lives at worst.

Some fled normal society and would skulk around communities feeding on what they could find during the darkness. In desperation, some of these creatures would begin eating children. When the Laughing Man entered the world, he welcomed these horrid outcasts into his society. In the city of God’s Law, ogres became revered for their great gluttony. Festivals were held to see just how much food an ogre could eat in a short amount of time.

Ogres were humans so they could mate with slaves and reproduce. The Laughing Man encouraged these ogres to eat all their offspring that did not also have their insatiable hunger. With just a few generations, a new race of chaos was born.
The word “ogre” refers solely to males of the species. Hags or crones are what are what female ogres are typically called.

Ogres have since spread out to all corners of Oklos as well as Tanlavar and the Cat Lands. They also come in a variety of forms now. There are traditional ogres who are large gluttons always looking out for their next meal. There are rune ogres who possess powers of the storm and darkness runes who are sometimes called ogre mages.

A rare breed of ogre known as an Alcorian ogre originated from the rape of a half-elf female by an ogre male in the Eristo region of Alcor during the time of the Severed Souls rule of Amont (see the history of Alcor for more.) These ogres tend to be beautiful and do not grow large to distinguish themselves from normal members of humanity. They retain the desire for sentient flesh and some believe that the consumption of this flesh is the secret to their youth and beauty.

Ogres nurture the offspring they do not eat. An ogre develops on a human life cycle. Once adolescents is reached, however, an ogre is usually kicked out of the home for eating too much and forced to find its own table to put food on. Those evil warlords or wizards wanting to bolster their armies with ogres need to plan on a hefty grocery bill every week – this bill can be augmented with the dead on the battlefield of course, both friend and foe.