Gazetteer – 03a0304 – Half-elves


Half-elves are a beautiful chaotic race and tend to be friendly with other chaotic races more than most other chaotic races.  Chaotic races can find some measure of peace in the Eristo section of Alcor as long as they behave themselves and join the fight against the elves of Camalene and the province of Swan Harbor.  Half-elves have no patience for hobgoblins, however, and the two races will often war which causes a rift between half-elves and the drow.

Half-elves die of old age between 400 and 600 years of age.  Their features age and wrinkle much like a humans.  Half-elves have a ten year long adolescence period which begins at about the age of 15.

Half-elves have otheris, but there interests tend to be morbid.  Death, torture, blood, and murder are all common concepts from which half-elven otheris are derived from.

Demon worship is rampant and there are emissaries from Eristo in Fallen Cusa of the island kingdom of Abyssus.  A powerful chaotic assassin’s guild comprised of half-elves works out of that city who are devoted to Demogorgon.

There may be a way to lift the curse of half-elves and save them from the chaos rune.