Gazetteer – 03a0303 – Gnolls


Gnolls began as a chaotic form of raksha dwelling in the Cat Lands of the south.  Much like the hyenas they resemble, they are related to the raksha through their rune makeup, but their behavior is much more akin to wolves.

They travel in packs, howl when they attack, and communicate in beast speech.  Though this behavior is reminiscent of wolf packs, gnolls hate wolves including chaotic forms of wolves like wargs and werewolves and will look to slaughter such creatures if able.  They are on good terms with ogres and oddly seem to have a friendship with lizardmen.  This friendship probably came about initially from the two races mutual distaste for snakemen.

Gnolls are a nomadic race that likes to range far and wide.  They’ve raided coastal towns and picked up sailing which enabled their advance from the Cat Lands across the Oklossian Sea to Oklos.  They prefer to move at night and often find temporary underground lairs to camp.

Gnolls take eight years to mature.  Young gnolls are looked upon as a nuisance though female gnolls protect their young from their aggressive fathers.   Female gnolls are often seen running with young strapped to their backs in wicker papooses.  By the age of two, baby gnolls are no longer allowed to ride in these contraptions.  The male warriors demand that the gnoll children keep up or die.  Many do die due to the grueling pace a mobile gnoll tribe can set.  Those that survive though become strong, agile warriors worthy of the tribe.