Gazetteer – 03a0302 – Bugbears


Bugbears are hobgoblins who are too disorderly for the strict military order of their brethren.  They grow unkempt shaggy hair all over their body and are much more feral and barbaric than their hobgoblin kin.  They also exhibit much more evidence of the chaos rune influence than hobgoblins.  They have a loose society dominated by the strong over the weak.

Due to their loose structure goblins will tolerate the company of bugbears though they don’t trust them and fear the chaos working within them.  Bugbears will tolerate goblins as well, but they also are friendly with hobgoblins which can cause riffs in the tenuous alliance with goblins.  Many bugbears have been known to turn on their goblin cousins and sell them to hobgoblin communities in exchange for money.  Goblins will often cater to the bugbears to gain their favor so that this doesn’t happen.

Bugbears make great commandoes when staging raids due to their stealthy nature and athletic builds.

As all goblinoids, bugbears nurture their children and take care of their families.  Male children are preferred though female bugbears retain rights within the culture.  Typical northern barbarian societies are a good model for building a bugbear community.