Gazetteer – 03a0301 – Animal Heads

Animal Heads

Animal heads are a despicable breed of rape monsters that violate farm animals and wildlife to create rampaging sex-driven offspring dedicated to expanding their race and ravaging the countryside.  Even other chaotic races hate animal heads and will attack them on sight.  This helps curb the potential apocalyptic disaster these rapacious monsters present when they infest a community or land.  Most animals fear them and flee them, but dogs and horses attack them in a berserk frenzy when they encounter them.  This habit has caused many a rider to be unhorsed in battle when animal heads take the field.

The most common animal heads are goatheads and ramheads.

If an animal head mates with a human, an elite animal head will form.

Animal heads call Ashmadame their “mother” and elite animal heads are often demonologists or shaman dedicated to her service.

It usually takes a powerful source of chaos to initiate an animal head infestation, but once it is started, it is very difficult to stop.

Animal heads mature in less than 3 days so there is no parental bonding with new offspring.  All animal heads are male so animal heads never mate with each other only other creatures whom they rape.