Gazetteer – 03a02 – Blue People

Blue People

Blue people or half-tritons are a race that formed during the Age of Runes around the city of Isbolar.  The Grables citizens of Isbolar with a water rune shared a deep compatibility with the tritons of the sea and many loving relationships formed which resulted in children.  The tritons themselves are a mysterious race as are most of the aquatic peoples to the scholars of Oklos.  Too little is known of the culture and history of the aquatic races to have an entry in this book.

The blue people, however, are a race of creatures that are as at home in the water as they are on land.  They are very social creatures emphasizing schooling and learning.  Their triton heritage allows them to live a very long time (roughly as long as dwarves and half-elves).

Their skin ranges from silver to blue and their hair ranges from blue to white.  They are skilled sailors and merchants and the major ports of the world all know the race as being trustworthy to make contracts with.  They are slow to anger, but persistent in their desire for fairness.  They will not be shortchanged in a deal though they will rarely be the ones to escalate a disagreement to violence.  They will seek to reason with even the most unreasonable until the offending party gives in either through good conscience or exhaustion.

Though pacifists by nature, some of the blue people become able warriors due to their hatred of chaos, particularly sahuagin, and Isbolar boasts a fine navy with many blue people among the merchant marines.

Though able to breathe underwater, blue people prefer to make their homes on land due to the advantages that dry conditions bring in storing books, casting magic, and communication.

Not all blue people are religious, but there are many who worship Okion, Sofia and Cleftus from the Grellic pantheon as well as Jukal, Borkogal, and Equelyn from the Grable pantheon.  With the arrival of the Silver Moon, worship of this new goddess is quickly growing favor among the practitioners of magic within the race.