Gazetteer – 03a01 – Beast People

Beast People 

The instinct rune and the thought rune exist in all of the world’s creatures somewhat like how the life and death runes exist in everyone as well.  A person’s life evolves from a waxing and waning of the soul’s influence of the life and death runes through the course of time.

The Grables named the instinct rune, “the beast rune,” and the thought rune, the “man rune,” somewhat inappropriately over a limited understanding of the nature of the two runes and their relationship to one another within a creature.

Horses, bulls, goats, and other similar creatures were called beasts before Jukal brought back rune knowledge after reading the Book of Creation so the instinct rune which is so prevalent in those creatures was named the beast rune.  But there is a sliding scale to how much the instinct rune and the thought rune can exist within any creature.  This scale can sometimes be adjusted through magical means or by the will of the gods.  If the only thing within a horse, bull, goat or deer that is changed is the relationship of instinct to thought then a beast person can be created.

Centaurs, minotaurs, and satyrs are all forms of creatures where the traditional beast has had the amount of thought rune within them altered to a state of sentience.

Beast people still have a lot of instinct rune within them and are short on social graces, long on sexual desire, and are mistaken by many to be creatures of chaos.  They are not.

The most common beast people in Oklos are lizard men, but they are so common that they have their own section in this chapter.

The other forms of beast people are more common in Tanlavar and the south, but there is a large population of them in the Storm Country of Oklos.  Minotaur mercenaries are welcomed in Haran and centaur mercenaries are welcomed in Polfany, but their numbers are too small to be considered an ethnic group in those kingdoms.  A race of talking wolves called wolfen are native to Strandi, but they avoid human contact for the most part and have no traditional bipedal characteristics of other thought rune creatures.

Raksha are beast people in the form of cats that are very rare in Oklos, but the ruling class in the land of Abèl to the south.  They also have their own section in this chapter.