Gazetteer – 02k13 – Red Rock

Red Rock

When Cora created the earth, she needed a large reservoir of essence to produce all the lands, oceans, and creatures.  She stored this essence in a moon that circled the earth.  She left it there in case she ever needed to make major changes to her creation.  The last time she used it was to create dragons.  When she abandoned the earth. she did not take the enormous ball of magic with her.

Tellezinal discovered outer essence manipulation by studying the red moon.  His Red Tower in Lankleer is constructed with bricks of moon rock.

The drow destroyed the red moon when they resurrected the Beast.  Some drow made sure to store some moon rock before the moon was destroyed.  Priestesses of Hexate in the Grellic Isles did the same.

Red Rock stores additional essence that outer essence manipulators can use to power their spells.