Gazetteer – 02k12 – Night Metal

Night Metal

When the drow lived on the moon, they fashioned dark weapons out of moon metal that absorbed incredible amounts of essence in their forging.  This magic would only activate in the light of the moon, however.  Since the death of the old moon and the birth of the silver moon these weapons have largely disappeared.

The drow of Twindernight have instead converted to a form of glassteel made from ice.  Night metal weapons require large quantities of essence to sustain them.  Demon swords, demon armor, life stealers, and sacrificial instruments used in demonic worship are often made from night metal.

Blood is the new power source for these weapons and their weakness during the day is no longer apparent.  Night metal varies in its power from weapon to weapon, but the most powerful night metal weapons are the ones that have survived the loss of the red moon.  These weapons are +3, but some as strong as mithvein (+4) exist.

A few swords were fit with red rock “gems” in the pommel.  These weapons draw the necessary essence from the gems.  The drow call them daykillers.