Gazetteer – 02k11 – Nether Metal

Nether Metal

Nether Metal is mined on the plane of death.  It naturally has the “ghost touch” property.  It is what the grim reaper’s scythe is made of.

Nether metal has little effect on living things.  It will pass right through a creature leaving only an icy sensation where the blade penetrated it.

The metal is extremely effective against spirit, demonic, and undead opponents.  It does double damage against them.

A nether metal weapon can perform an exorcism by slaying a possessing spirit without harming the host.

Spiritwracker is a greatsword made of nether metal.  It was wielded by Tarvan, a Hero of Atlas.  Tarvan no longer possesses it.  He gave it up when the Sword of Tarvan was made for him.