Gazetteer – 02k09 – Mithvein


Mithvein is much more common than adamantium, but hardly “common.”  It is the preferred metal of elves and many of their weapons and armor are made from this substance.  To work it, a smith must use elemental fire.  This requires powerful magic to either summon a major elemental or open a portal to the rune plane of fire.    Dwarves covet it also and much of the tension between the two races derives from the availability of this extremely limited resource.

The original relationship was dwarves were the miners and the elves were the smiths, but many dwarven miners would sequester the material to craft their own weapons and armor.  Weapons and armor made from the substance are naturally enchanted at +4.

Elves make medium armor, arrow tips, longswords, and daggers from it.  Dwarves make heavy armor, shields, axes, and maces from mithvein.

Any mithvein weapon has the dragon-slaying property and dragons are terrified of this metal if it is not safely secured beneath them in their hoards.