Gazetteer – 02k08 – Liquid Dawn

Liquid Dawn

Magic is renewed in the world when dawn comes.  When Mith’s servant — the sun — crests the horizon, it signals most living creatures that it is time to awake, create, and work. Squirrels gather nuts, birds build nests, and people plow fields. For the spellcaster, their source of creativity (spell points) are restored.

Liquid Dawn is a substance that can catch and store this renewal to be used at a time when it is not dawn.  This was not Cora’s plan and many consider this substance to be tainted by chaos.  Dwarves and clerics of Mith don’t, however, and they believe it is rich with the spirit of Mith.  Holiday ceremonies to Mith involve drinking a sip of liquid dawn.  Dwarves will pay double price for potions of it.

Drinking liquid dawn replenishes spell points and acts as a potion of endurance.

A potion of it in a clear glass bottle can act as a powerful double-strength beacon of light.

There are possible other applications as well.  The drow might be able to freeze it into steel and make a powerful weapon out of it. Their distaste for light is probably the reason a weapon hasn’t already been made.