Gazetteer – 02k07 – Faerie Light and Gems

Faerie Light and Gems

Faeries are creatures of essence.  The most common of these fey creatures are gnomes and gnomes in the World of Atlas are far from common.

Their magic is unpredictable and dangerous because it is not tethered to anything real.  Many falsely assume that faerie magic is a product of the chaos rune.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Fairies (and gnomes by lineage) are immune to chaos corruptions.  Low be the lawbringer who miscontrues a gnome for chaos and tries to bind him by law — he’ll likely sleep for 20 years.

Faerie light is essence in its purest form.  Some gems are manifestations of a particular rune in its purest form.  Faerie light and a rune gem can then combine to create a magic item usually based on a rune power — even the chaos rune.

Some gnome jewelers can create gems like this.  Tamduin, the great elven maid of Wheland, can create these gems.  She is the best at it, even better than her faerie friends.

Lights Out Rowan is a modern fairytale based off of faerie light and the evil dark fey Dr. Ravenen.