Gazetteer – 02i – Spirit Magic

Spirit Magic

Before other magic was available to thought creatures, there was spirit magic.  Spirit magic is a type of magic from which channeling is derived.  Powerful spirits from the rune planes were accessed by shaman to help their tribes.  Totems and fetches were part of the rituals shaman use to summon these spirits.  In barbaric cultures, spirit magic is often the only magic that is allowed.

Much like inner essence manipulation, the rules for spirit magic are still in the works.  For current practice, a druid from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook would best describe a shaman of the World of Atlas, but even then, this comparison will be a far distance from what is actually published in the future.  RuneQuest deserves mention for the inspiration behind spirit magic, but the mechanics of casting spirit magic will be nothing like the mechanics of RuneQuest.