Gazetteer – 02h – Rune Magic

Rune Magic

Rune magic goes back to the Age of Runes and the Grable Empire.  Those with runic heritage still retain some of the power that their ancestors had and this power can materialize in these descendants from time to time.  Some races do not have their own rune, but are considered rune creatures due to the primary connection between the thought rune and another rune.  Goblins are a blend of the thought rune and the disorder rune (given that a sentient creature is a thought creature, the thought part is often left out of the description, and goblins are often referred to as disorder rune creatures.  Halflings are harmony rune creatures.  Blue bloods are darkness rune creatures.  Dwarves are earth rune creatures.  Some heroes of these races can access their rune plane and its rune magic.  Every rune has a rune plane – even chaos – chaos’s rune plane is typically called The Abyss.

Rune magic can be cast either using an innate ability called a foltute (see Age of Runes in the History section) or by spell utilizing a rune focus.  Certain items can become a rune focus through use. E.g. a wagon wheel that has traveled over 6666 miles can be converted into a mobility rune focus.  In gameplay, rune magic functions very similar to an otheri where the power over a rune increases through practice and investigation.  With the PIPS fantasy system, a PC or NPC can advance to 9th order skill or mastery of a rune.  The details of what powers are covered by which runes are in development and sometimes new rune powers can be discovered to fit a particular situation that game developers have not previously considered.  Marvel Super Heroes had a provision for these scenarios called stunting and one could “go off the page” with their super power to do something new.  This “stunting” idea is also incorporated into the rune magic system of PIPs Fantasy.  Details will be forthcoming in the Runes and Otheris supplement.

We suspect that Rune Magic will be very popular with players and more prevalent in adventuring parties than in the world in general.  The runic people are few in number in the Age of Magic, but we see no problem with them being heavily represented in the adventuring population.  Many powerful NPCs are of runic heritage.