Gazetteer – 02e – Inner Essence Manipulation

Inner Essence Manipulation

Mind over body powers fall into the category of inner essence manipulation.  This covers the abilities typically developed by monks and psychics.   Monks focus on manipulation of the physical aspects of the body while psychics pursue the mental aspects.

In the World of Atlas, a soul of a creature is what activates the runes in a body and the inner essence manipulator activates this soul as a store of power.  This is not rune magic.  It is soul magic.  To use a blacksmithing analogy, the inner essence manipulator accesses the fire of the forge not the weapons themselves.

The practice of inner essence manipulation is rare in Oklos and much more common in the Silk Lands of the far east.  The Dax Godship is ruled by inner essence manipulators, but they are few in number and enslave the minds of their followers.   The other known inner essence manipulators are among the elves of Twindernight – the drow.

Inner essence manipulation can be handled through monk archetypes and psionicists in the short term, but this ability is being developed by the designers of the World of Atlas and significant updates to how this power functions in the World of Atlas will likely occur in the future.  Lichhunter plays a drow inner essence manipulator from time to time in his home campaigns and is working with others to refine the power as this drow character advances.