Gazetteer – 02b – Divine Magic (Channeling)


Gods can grant powers to their followers through the power of channeling.  Through prayer and ritual, a creature makes itself a vessel for channeling the power of their god to affect the world.  Gods tend to take an active role with their most devout followers and want to see them succeed in their endeavors.  Some channelers become great enough to siphon power off gods without obeying the tenets of the religion for the god they’re using the power of.  Summoning and binding spells can sometimes make gods and other divine beings reluctant helpers to another creature’s schemes.

For game play, Clerics are considered channelers.  Clerics also have access to druidic spells as listed in the Pathfinder core rulebook.  Druids themselves are not necessarily channelers and tend to access their powers through the instinct (beast) and plant runes relying less on worshipers and more on rune magic.  Druids are also very rare in the world residing mainly in Woad Country in Wheland with a few ranging out to other areas of Oklos and beyond.  Blood sacrifices are also common means of fueling their magic.