Gazetteer – 02a – Magic in the World of Atlas

Chapter 2: Magic in the World of Atlas

  1. There are many forms of power that can be called “magic” in the world of atlas.  This chapter will talk about several of these forms as well as magical materials like mithvein that also can be found in the world.
    1. Alchemical Magic
    2. Divine Magic (Channeling)
    3. Elven Magic
    4. Inner Essence Manipulation (Martial Arts and Psionics)
    5. Lore Magic (Bards, Sages, and Scholars)
    6. Occult Magic (Demonology, Sorcery, and Witchcraft)
    7. Rune Magic
    8. Spirit Magic
    9. Outer Essence Manipulation (Wizardry)
    10. Magical Materials
      1. Adamantine
      2. Awakened Metals
      3. Black Ice
      4. Blood Coral
      5. Chains of Atlas
      6. Essence Enchanted Metals
      7. Faerie Light and Gems
      8. Liquid Dawn
      9. Mithvein
      10. Moonsilver
      11. Nether Metal
      12. Night Metal
      13. Red Rock
      14. Rune Focuses
      15. Spirit Enhancements