Gazetteer – 01g – Age of Magic

Age of Magic (AOM1 to AOM9+)

The material form of the grammar used by Cora to create the world is something called essence.  Essence is the fuel of magic.  Where the runes are the bricks, magic is the mortar in the world’s construction.

The Silver Moon has opened up this new age of exploration with this potentially awesome power.  The saga of this age has yet to be told.  The world is in the 10th year of the Age of Magic with a broad horizon of what will come.  There is no longer a script from Cora, nor an entity determined to rip the world apart.  It is a free world, an interesting world, but still a dangerous world.  Chaos has no leader, but the rune and its creatures still remain. Will creatures of other runes seek to dominate and herald their own new age? Or will sorcery and wizardry gain supremacy over runes in this new volatile World of Atlas….