Gazetteer – 01f – Age of Chaos

 Age of Chaos (AOC1 – AOC997)

The first half of the Age of Chaos was primarily a rebuilding of the lands of Oklos.  Clesian the Great tried to reestablish the Grable Empire, but was defeated by the dragons that had nested in Tanvarpov after the flood waters had subsided.  The populations of the thought creatures in the world were tiny and reproduction and survival were the first order of business.  This period is often known as the Darkling Time as little scholarly activity happened as most time was spent pandering to the instinctual side of things as opposed to thought, even the elves were less inquisitive than usual and concerned with rebuilding what they had lost.

The second half of the Age of Chaos is a much more well-known period of history than the other ages.  The countries and regions of the world detailed in the other chapters of this book were largely formed during this time.  Some of the country descriptions will contain historical sections that will cover this period in depth.

The Age of Chaos ended when four heroes killed the Spider Queen of the Drow allowing Fate to enter the world and begin to set things right.  The Drow of Twindernight retaliated by crashing the moon into the earth to resurrect the Beast from his grave in the Chaos Waste.  The world would have fallen again to chaos except for the return of Calgillien (somehow cured of his vampirism) who led an army of angels against the Beast, this time slaying the rune god of chaos for good.

Sorcery and wizardry had long been ruled by the red moon that was corrupted by chaos.  With it gone and destroyed with the Beast, Oklos and Fate mated to create a new moon made of pure silver.  The silver moon took to the sky to replace the old red moon and sorcery and wizardry were no longer solely in the camp of chaos. Practitioners could now utilize the power of magic without fear of unwanted corruption.