Gazetteer – 01c – Age of Dragons

Age of Dragons (AOD1 – AOD1000)

Cora forged a new rune in counterpoint to the elven rune and named it the dragon rune.  Where elves sought to understand and share, dragons sought to covet wealth and secret it away in hidden lairs never to be seen by others again.  Dragons started as fairly small innocuous creatures much like the Tengu, but they soon began to eat elves to swallow all their knowledge and this practice turned them into larger, more powerful beings ever more hungry for more wealth and knowledge.  Against these monsters, Elves had few weapons and dragons forced the elves to hide in the forests of the world away from the flying dragons’ prying eyes.

Cora viewed dragons as a horrible mistake and consulted Mith on a means of rectifying it.  Mith suggested the introduction of mithvein to the world, the metal with which he used to forge the stars.  With mithvein, elves were able to fight back against the dragons and drive them into hiding.  Räyädis was the greatest elf in these wars and slew the most dragons.  He became King of the Elves and Cora was happy.

This happiness continued for many centuries as the elves drove the dragons back to near extinction and would have except for the betrayal of Räyädis by a jealous elf named Iho the Black (see race of elves description for more.)  This betrayal led to Räyädis’s death with nothing that Cora could do about it.  Broken-hearted Cora, the God of All, left the world never to return.  Thus, ended the Age of Dragons in its 1000th year.