Gazetteer – 01b – Age of Elves

Age of Elves (AOE1 – AOE1000)

The world she created used life and death, storm and earth, fire and water, heat and cold, light and darkness, instinct and thought, peace and war, harmony and disorder, law and truth, mobility and stasis and was bound together by the power of an overarching rune she called fate – which had no counterpoint – and this rune would facilitate a major change in the world every 1000 years.  These 1000 year periods bounded by change brought on by fate rune were called ages.  Into this world, she then scribed a new rune that she created independent of the list of runes that Mith had given her and named this rune the elf rune after the race of beautiful creatures that were to populate this Eden and fascinate her with their own abilities to learn, understand, and create.  Elves were the only creatures that she allowed soul and body to be one.  This gave them incredible power over the world she had created which not only helped them learn, but also kept them safe.  What she did not realize is that the elf rune she created contained the power of emotion, something she struggled to understand herself given her lack of physical needs.

Unbeknownst to her, Mith became fascinated with Her idea of creating a race and he set about trying to create one, himself.  He created beings out of the clay of the earth and imbued soul stones into them to bring these molds to life.  The God of All was furious with this effort, but felt she owed Mith something for his contributions to her creation and allowed the dwarves to remain, but they were forbidden to be as tall as the elves or as fair.  Mith agreed and modified his initial creations to be smaller and hairier than the elven race.  To make them smaller though he needed some new runes and thus created the dwarf rune and its counterpoint the giant rune to control their size.

During this time, the God of All came to the world as Cora (detailed more in the description of Elves in the Races of the World of Atlas Chapter of this book) to live amongst her creations as one of them.  She fell in love with Räyädis, an elf with a passion otheri, and made a fateful decision to create a rival race so that her love’s otheri would have an outlet.