Gazetteer – 00a – About this World


There is a rich history and mythos associated with this world.  Many of the gods will be recognizable from Greek, Norse, Egyptian mythologies, but there will be subtle differences and the gods of this world have a history as rich as its people.  Only Atlas shares the name with its predecessor and that name is only used by those who live near the great titan on his mountain.  The rest of the world calls him Oklos and he doesn’t hold up the sky or the world as statues often depict him.  He holds up the land with a great harness attached to unbreakable chains that attach to the ends of the continent.  Physics would say this weight would collapse the mountain he’s on and prove his great sacrifice useless, but Atlas holds the gravitational pull of things if he wants and the mountain’s weight he stands on actually rises up to his feet, not vice versa.  Atlas literally bears the entire weight of the world (Oklos continent) on his broad shoulders and feet.  Could he fly around the world making the continent a huge cloud island? Possibly, haven’t really thought about it.  There would be other ramifications to take into account if he were to do such things, ramifications that even Atlas probably hasn’t thought about nor wants to.  The legendary hero Karl, who eased his burden and allowed Atlas to conceive Silver Moon with Fate, learned all these lessons during his hero quest and now preaches about it in his travels.

The above is an example of the Myth Fusion technique that is used throughout this book.  There is a tension between how much of the detail of the myths and history of the world should be included here given that for contemporary play how the world currently functions is much more relevant than the history.  But the rich back story that makes the Lord of the Rings so compelling is also interesting for some to read and know in books like the Silmarilion.  Game Masters are often those types of people.

So, we’re going to make an attempt here to maintain a good balance between depth and breadth and will publish more material based off feedback we receive from those using this book and this world in their home campaigns.