Atlas Kings RPG Rulebook


Atlas Kings is OGL inspired rules for the new gamer.A player can choose from 10 character classes each with unique spells and abilities. There are fighters, wizards, elves, scouts, dwarves, knights, halflings, and even a goblin character. The rulebook contains simplified rules using the standard gaming dice while preserving key aspects of the OGL game. Leveling, spell selection, armor class, trait bonuses, are all preserved in these easy to read rules. There is a monsters list. A treasure list listing appropriate treasures at 00appropriate levels. There are tips for new game masters as well as players. There also is a sample adventure called A Dark and Scary Night based on the book Lights Out Rowan from the Rowan Series. This game is fun for any age so have a blast while you’re teaching the new gamers in your life how to live the life of adventure!

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