Animal Heads

Animal Heads

DC11 – These awful creatures are the offshoot of some virulent source of the Chaos Rune and Mother Earth. They live to breed and spread chaos through sheer overwhelming numbers.

Animal heads are bipedal humanoids in appearance with shaggy fur infected with mange. If an animal head doesn’t have mange, it will seek it out either from other animal heads or animals infected with the parasitic mite that causes mange.

All animal heads are male and sport the distinctive male features of their mother’s breed. Ramheads, bullheads, stagheads, or goatheaded billies.

They then seek out to breed with new livestock to create more animal heads.

Animal Heads are armed with some form of farm tool (scythe, pitchfork, spade) they’ve stolen from some barn or field.

DC16 – Famine also follows in their wake because their preferred mates are female livestock. Gestation happens quickly and young animal heads eat their mothers when born. They absorb all the mass and nutrients from this cannibalism and reach physical maturity within minutes of birth.

Cows, sheep, goats, and even deer are targets of animal heads looking to bread. What animal heads don’t mate with they kill and will attack squirrels, birds, snakes, etc. if they encounter them. If humans fear the zombie apocalypse, animals fear the animal head apocalypse. They will flee these creatures on site. The notable exceptions to this rule are horses and dogs.

Horses and dogs hate animal heads and will fight to the death to try to kill them. Even well-trained dogs and horses will ignore their masters and seek to destroy animal heads. Some Chaotic Warlords will capitalize on this behavior by adding animal heads to their army in order to disrupt the actions of opposing cavalry.

DC21 – If an Animal Head is able to mate with a human female an elite animal head will be born. These elite animal heads have the ability to control others of their kind and can summon them into a form of barbaric horde. Any animal head adventurer will be one of these elite kind.

The same is true for orcs or hobgoblins and these creatures will kill Animal Heads on sight.