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Supponez’s Apprentence – a 20 room first level dungeon crawl featuring an apprentice searching through the dungeons of a tower for his missing mentor.

Coming Soon 

Good Guy Roadhouse – a flash adventure for first level characters centered on an adventurer’s tavern beset by evil forces.

Dr. Ravenen’s Fairy Castle – a magical adventure for 3rd level characters featuring the monsters and magic of the The Rowan Series of fantasy adventure novels.

In the works (Send us word at if you have a preference for which we complete first.)

Shadow to Shadow  – an adventure for mid-level characters centered around a deposed assassin’s guild battling a cult of demon worshipers “shadow to shadow.”  This adventure is written to be a companion adventure to the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path produced by Paizo.  We won’t be able to use the same names, but it will be easy to adapt.

The Shores of Twindernight – A collection of mini-adventures for drow characters of various levels set in the World of Atlas but adaptable to other campaign settings.

Prior Knowledge – a priory in political turmoil is blind to a growing evil soon to threaten the entire monastery and surrounding village.

The Men Behind the Masks – an homage to A Tale of Two Cities and the Scarlet Pimpernel. This adventure will translate easily into a campaign set in Galt in Golarion or in the northern lands of Amont on the World of Atlas.