Adventure Board

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Instructions (Note: this is a very simple, elegant program)

Create tokens of various sizes, colors, and labels.

Tokens can be moved around jpgs of maps with a mouse.

Maps can be saved with the tokens in the various positions for later.


Create or download a jpg of a map.

Click File Load Map and browse your hard drive for the map.

When map is loaded click on Tokens.

Type F in the text field.

Click create tokens.  A white token will appear with an F on it.  This is a token for your fighter.

Click create tokens again.  Type H in the text field.  Change number of tokens to 4.  These are the fighter’s henchman.

Click on Create tokens again.

Adjust bar from medium to large.

Type O in the text field.  Click on the color bar to make the token a color (try gray for now).   Change the number field to 2.  Click create tokens.

2 gray tokens with O1 and O2 should appear.

Now your fighter and his henchman can battle a couple of ogres or otyughs depending on the needs of the adventure.

Click save game from the file menu and you could play the encounter later.  Note: There is a bug where you have to reload the correct map which has been tricky to fix.  It’s a minor adjustment just to reload the correct map.  The tokens are the time consuming part.

Note: the simplicity of the program lets you play chess, checkers, and many other games without a board or pieces.

Sometimes simplicity is the most powerful concept for a program.