Lichhunter is playing Council of Thieves in Adventure Workbook.  We’re also running Wrath of the Righteous but the Mythic rules are an additional layer of complexity for evaluating an Adventure Path in the Adventure Workbook.

As for Council of Thieves 1 – The Bastards of Erebus.  We’re through the sewers and have about 10-15 Pips per character.

The characters are:

Osmond, a paladin with feats.
Salem, a character with cleric skills and death and fire runes.
Velvet, a rogue with feats.
Victor Pensieve, a character with wizard skills and the law and life runes.

Each sewer encounter was encountered. The sewer goblins were switched to kobolds due to World of Atlas considerations.
The ooze bugs were turned into a rat swarm because Lichhunter likes swarms – a lot.

Review of the sewer portion as a solo adventure is mediocre. The randomness of the encounters and maps is tedious for this format. Might be great in a live game, but as far as Solo Adventuring using the Adventure Workbook, we’d give it a grade C.