Suponez’s Apprentice

“Never enter the dungeon alone,” Suponez said. Alone? Suponez’s Apprentice had never entered the dungeon at all. Every time he asked to accompany Suponez into the depths , he would receive a curt “no,” a grunt, or no response at all. Lucien, Suponez’s Imp familiar, would laugh and taunt him because he was allowed to accompany Suponez into the dungeon whenever he wanted to go.
But now Suponez has gone into the dungeon and not returned. Only Lucien has come back and he is being quite evasive as to his master’s whereabouts. So the Apprentice has come to the Scuppernong Inn searching for a group of adventurers to accompany him into the depths of the dungeon to solve the mystery of his missing mentor. Are there any brave enough to join him?

This is a tutorial adventure for Adventure Workbook and Adventure Board.  A video walkthrough is linked throughout the document that helps both explain the adventure and how the different encounters can be executed inside the Adventure Workbook.

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