September, 2013

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The Shadow Cabal short

Lich likes this.

As a lover of fantasy film, I think Arrowstorm did a great job with this short.  I look forward to seeing the feature length version whenever I’m able.




When playtesting Wrath of the Righteous, The Worldwound Incursion, there is a place where you spend 25 minutes traversing a long cavern.  This got me thinking.

Just being in a dungeon, cavern, or underdark setting provides knowledge that others don’t have.  This knowledge is dungeoneering.

So in response to that, every day a character spends time in a dungeon earns him a PIP’s worth of dungeoneering skill.

This notion will probably expand out to other abilities fairly soon.  Keep stopping by for updates.



Pip System Modifications

Hello Adventurers,

I tried to create a character based on Dean Winchester from the television series Supernatural.

I was having difficulties.

The Inquisitor would seem like a natural fit, but Dean is also a master thief.  Which means, he can open locks like nobody’s business.  With the rogue bonus for disabling device, he just must be a rogue.  But with his demon hunting skills, he just must be an Inquisitor.

So the dilemma led me to want to try out an Inquistor/Rogue with no feats.  So a dual class character.  The first of its kind.  We’ll see how it goes.

Also, the +3 class bonus for skills is now officially added when you choose a class for the character.   Add that in the temp bonus feature when performing skills individually.  When in a group roll, make a mental note and add the +3 to both the skill roll and the Pip roll.

The rogue disable device bonus is treated as an ability modifier.  So it does not get added to the Pip roll.  Score!

Happy hunting,