July, 2012

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World of Atlas Vision

Hello Gamers,

World of Atlas is a website which focuses on solo tabletop gaming.

We love playing in person with adventuring groups but have found the details of organizing and sustaining a campaign quite difficult now that we’ve gotten older with more real life responsibilities.

Those responsibilities do little to dampen our lust for adventure, however. So we often find ourselves running our own private campaigns rolling the dice for both the monsters and the player characters in an Adventure Path. With solo roleplay, we can set our own pace.

The goal for this website is to create tools to make this process a lot easier.  From a massive battle calculator program to a random adventure creator, these tools will be freely available on this site as soon as they’re developed.

Right now, the site offers Adventure Workbook and Adventure Board.

The Adventure Workbook does the lion’s share of the work for running combats for encounters, rolling skill checks, organizing parties, creating and storing characters, adding monsters to a bestiary, and creating new encounters.

The Adventure Board helps you track characters in a dungeon, wilderness, or town. Keep a combat organized. And save the game board without losing track of where the characters and monsters lie on the map. Basically, Adventure Board supplants the need for miniatures.

Suponez’s Apprentice is a tutorial adventure with linkouts to youtube videos that walk you through both the module and how to best play the module inside Adventure Workbook.

In addition to the tools, the World of Atlas offers the Pips System, an optional rules system for leveling characters.  With shout outs to RQ and Skyrim, this leveling system emphasizes what you do over what class you are.

So strap on your armor, hoist your sword, unpack your adventure modules, and fill your gaming time with high adventure as opposed to Words With Friends, Angry Birds, or Candy Crush Saga.



Managing Editor, World of Atlas