The World of Atlas is a website for Fantasy Tabletop Gamers.  The site aims to enhance the gaming experience with integration of Youtube Videos, Web Pages, PDFs, and computer tools.  Discussion about the World of Atlas and its features is available on Facebook in the World of Atlas Facebook Group.

The site features:

  1. A detailed game world with a rich history and mythology.
  2. A new magic system featuring various types of magic playable with Pathfinder/5E/ and other d20 based systems.
    1. Alchemical Magic
    2. Divine Magic (Channeling)
    3. Elven Magic
    4. Inner Essence Manipulation (Martial Arts and Psionics)
    5. Lore Magic (Bards, Sages, and Scholars)
    6. Occult Magic (Demonology, Sorcery, and Witchcraft)
    7. Rune Magic
    8. Spirit Magic
    9. Outer Essence Manipulation (Wizardry)
    10. Magical Materials
  3. A new leveling system based on skill use.
  4. Virtual Game Books where youtube videos and web pages combine to make “choosing your own adventures” easier to play.
  5. Computer tools for solo adventuring.
  6. A blog and vlog about all things gaming.
  7. A companion site for young gamers just starting out on their forays into the world of adventure and imagination.