World of Atlas



When playtesting Wrath of the Righteous, The Worldwound Incursion, there is a place where you spend 25 minutes traversing a long cavern.  This got me thinking. Just being in a dungeon, cavern, or underdark setting provides knowledge that others don’t have.  This knowledge is dungeoneering. So in response to that, every day a character spends time in a dungeon earnsRead the Rest…

Pip System Modifications


Hello Adventurers, I tried to create a character based on Dean Winchester from the television series Supernatural. I was having difficulties. The Inquisitor would seem like a natural fit, but Dean is also a master thief.  Which means, he can open locks like nobody’s business.  With the rogue bonus for disabling device, he just must be a rogue.  But withRead the Rest…

Tools for solo role playing